There is nothing I like more than making something beautiful out of old, unwanted jewellery.  It is one of my most favourite things to do!  Usually if a customer comes to me they are familiar with my style of jewellery.  The design process begins with me assessing the scrap jewellery to see what can be re-used (most of it usually!). I then do 2 or 3 designs based on ideas we have discussed. Once a decision has been made I break apart the old jewellery and set about melting it down and making it into something wonderful!  In the pictures below you can see some of the processes involved.

Please contact me for more information on re-modelling your very own, unique piece of jewellery or silverware.

Gold and diamond scrap jewellery

Melting the scrap jewellery Gold ingot and diamonds
Annealing the gold bar Rough Bangle

Final piece. Gold diamond bangle


Diamond set platinum wedding rings

Kite surfing necklace Ring set with a roman coin

Salad servers Brooch with Florence from The Magic Roundabout

Set of gorgeous remodelled jewellery


I not only re-model old jewellery but also design and make one-off pieces to a customer's specification, or to a design we work on together.  This can be anything from an engagement ring and wedding rings, to silver candlesticks.  You can see some examples on this page.

Contact me

Please contact me for more information on commissioning your very own, unique piece of Jewellery or Silverware.

Box with ash leaf Acorn and oak leaf