Rings / Gem Stacking Rings

Pear Cut Gem Stacking Rings

Gold-set 7x5 pearcut ring

Pearcut Gemstone Stacking Rings with gold setting

Silver-set 7x5 pearcut ring

Pearcut gemstone stacking ring in all silver
4mm round gem set silver stacking rings

Silver-set 4mm round ring

4mm round silver-set gemstone stacking ring

Silver-set 5mm round ring

5mm round silver-set gemstone stacking ring
Oval cut gem set stacking rings

Silver-set 6x4 oval ring

6x4 oval Gemstone stacking ring
Emerald cut gem stone stacking rings in a variety of colours

Gold-set 6x4 emerald-cut ring

Emerald-cut 6x4 gemstone ring with gold setting

Gem set bobble rings

Cute silver bobbles with pretty gems

10mm rosecut dress ring

10mm round rose-cut Gemstone dress ring

Gold-set Tanzanite and CZ trio

Oval Tanzanite, oval CZ and 4mm CZ gold-set stacking trio